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Liquidity Solutions

DMA Liquidity Solutions

DMA, which stands for Direct Market Access, is a network of Tier-1 Banks, Prime Brokers, Hedge Funds and FCMs, connected together to form a deep pool of liquidity available for trading.

Until recently, DMA was available only for large financial institutions, with huge trade volume and deposit requirements, and leverage up to 100:1.However, MT4-Brokerage has proudly Partner with some Tier-1 and Prime of Prime For DMA Liquidity, which consists of upto 18 Major Banks and 27 Large Hedge funds and Financial Institutions connected directly to our trading platform via Bridge, granting its retail and institutional clients direct access to the inter-bank market right from your Trading Platfrom, with the lowest deposit and trade size requirements, and the highest available leverage, which can be for you institutional Leverage upto 300:1 .

These questions are enough for now. If you don't have answers for these question first check it and learn how your platform working, talk with your customers. So you can understand how is your product. If it is not good, you have to find a new one and have to ask more questions on it. Simply check our platform the links below and don't hesitate to ask any question to us.

DMA Pricing

As the diagram above illustrates, our liquidity partners Trading Server sits behind a price aggregation engine, which is responsible for receiving market prices from our connected banks, selecting only the best Bid and the best Ask individually, and posting them to our Trading server.This mechanism ensures that you are receiving the lowest forex spread available amongst our major providers at all times.Therefore, the spread could be as low as 0 Pip!


No Conflict of Interest

Since all DMA trades are executed at the counterparty bank/Exchanges directly, we do not interfere in the execution process and we only benefit from a fixed fee per lot.


Enhanced Liquidity

Specially designed for financial institutions and brokers, We offer all the solutions in a single product. The unique combination of capabilities provided by this industry-first solution empowers each partner to become a STP Broker. Backed by PrimeECN’s unsurpassed liquidity, each broker can leverage multiple liquidity sources.


Broker and Institutional Client Management

Using this comprehensive solution, Our partners can offer fully integrated services and products to brokers and institutional traders. These solutions include:

  • Seamless connectivity to Liquidity.

  • Live price and Data Feeds

  • Realtime Execution (STP)

Key Benefits

Our partners enjoy numerous business benefits, such as:

  • Expansion of current business into new financial market.

  • Opportunity to become a major player in the world’s financial industry

  • Ability to offer new types of solutions to retail brokers

  • Premium Risk Management options

  • Opportunity to become a Prime Broker and STP

  • Ability to control and manage the entire flow and volume of the institutional traders and/or brokers


We can Connect with Liquidity Providers

For more information on our Liquidity Solutions, please contact us.


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