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We offer a variety of programs to choose from, starting as low as the Micro-Evaluation Stage to up to the $26,000 Entry-Level Program. Our traders have diverse backgrounds, and each has unique trading qualities. The reason we provide various options for capital levels is to ensure equal opportunity for all.


Our trader's requirements and comfort are apart of our priorities. We believe that time is money. Therefore,' Evaluation Programs are all conducted on live trading accounts. Traders earn real profits on all the Evaluation Programs.

2 STEP VERIFICATION EXPLAINED: WHAT IS THE EVALUATION ABOUT?’ Funding and Growth Program begins by 2 Step Verification your trading personality. The 2 Step Verification process helps us to understand your prerequisites as a trader and your ability to combine the fund’s risk management with your trading strategy.

For the 2 Step Verification program,’ will fund for you a smaller trading account, with proportional risk measures. Your goal is to gain profits while eliminating risk and loses. 

Once you meet the requirements, we will proudly present you with a fully funded trading account, and you will be trading alongside our elite trader’s.’ Portfolio Manager Partner entitles you to higher capital trading under our outstanding growth scheme with a monthly profit payout.



The 2 Step Verification Program identifies if traders can generate profit while trading within the parameters of our Fund’s Risk Policy. We believe in honesty and transparency. The rules of the 2 Step Verification Program are straightforward: 1) Hit a profit target; 2) Stay above the maximum drawdown amount; 3) Do not exceed the maximum amount; 4) Prove that you are skilled and controlled by maintaining a reasonable stop loss for your trades. Once these criteria’s are met, your trading career may begin.



Buying into this lifetime opportunity does not mean that you will financially overextend yourself. Profitable opportunities do not always have to be costly. When enrolling into the Evaluation Program, a once-off fee will be charged. However, after you have registered and become one of our official Portfolio Manager Partners, you have the opportunity to become a trading partner with no further payments. Our service and support provided to you as a Portfolio Manager Partner brings superior value in place of your once-off payment.



After reaching the target goals successfully and passing the 2 Step Verification Program, you will receive your first profit payout and Trading Contract. This forex trading contract provides you with increased capital funding and similar risk policies. The defining difference of trading accounts, between the Evaluation Program vs. the official trading account, is the modest once-off fee paid by the trader during the evaluation enrollment. There will be no more charges from then on.

SPEED UP YOUR TRADING CAREER TODAY! provides the fastest Capital Growth Program in the forex trading industry. We require the least restrictions with: more forex assets to trade, allow for 24/5 continuous trading overnight, including position holding on weekends and lastly no daily loss limits. Sign up for Cabanac’ 2 Step Verification Program to qualify for a fully funded, forex trading account, and speed up your earnings by doubling at every milestone.

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We are private fund holding ownership of a Forex Trading account under a regulated broker.  We are not a financial institute and do not provide any financial services. We trade using our fund’s capital, with the support of our competent funded traders and consequently is not required to be authorised by the regulatory authority.