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Forex License

The FX industry currently sees over USD 6 Trillion being traded every day. This is more than the Gross Domestic product of both the United Kingdom and France. With more and more Forex brokers operating online, the industry has grown to epic proportions, as now everyday people can trade in the FX market.

However this massive growth of online Forex brokers has also led to stricter regulations by both national and international exchange commissions. There are still many Forex companies operating online without any form of licenses, this however is illegal, and is slowly being stopped by authorities. Also, trading without a license can lead to poor levels of trust from your customers, as they have no regulatory body looking out for their protection.

Therefore it is vital, that when you decide to join the online Forex brokerage market, that you obtain all of the necessary licenses from a regulatory body. At MT4 & MT5-Whitelabel, we offer a full package service for people looking to obtain Forex brokerage license.

We offer a full package that includes:

  • Registration of your company in an offshore jurisdiction

  • The application for a Forex brokers license to the jurisdictions Security and Exchange commission

  • The drafting of all relevant legal documents, including business plan, anti-money laundering policies, conflict of interest prevention policy, company procedures and manuals required by regulatory authorities.

  • The opening of a bank account within the jurisdiction, for you to be able to collect funds from your Forex clients

  • The application for online payment solutions, enabling you to receive payments from your customers online.

  • This package also includes all of our other benefits, including name check and approval, Drafting and filing of Memorandum and Articles of Association, One set of originals of all standard corporate documents with Apostil, Payment of the government license fee, Provision of registered address, Provision of company secretary, Courier fees and a Rubber stamp


We can also offer you the additional services, if you require them:

  • Provision of nominee shareholder

  • Provision of nominee director

  • General Power of Attorney with Apostille

  • Apostille of one document

  • Company seal

  • Mail collection, mail forwarding

  • Virtual office

  • Good Standing Certificate with Apostille

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